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Corporate structure

FIMED® is a group of companies highly specialized in the management of alternative investments and in the search for corporate services and alternative financial solutions for small and medium-sized companies. With a solid track record backed by more than 20 years of experience in the alternative finance sector. Management capacity, transparency and commitment are our main values.

At FIMED we have built an exclusive model of financial and corporate services for companies based on independence, innovation, flexibility and a high degree of professionalism.

Our activity is characterized by personalized attention, which updates the concept of traditional asset management based on trust and proximity to the client, and professionalism, which allows us to offer you the best investment opportunities and services.

We are an expanding entity with an international presence in several European countries, where the Group is recognized for its innovation, prestige and solvency. The FIMED Group is present in Switzerland and Luxembourg.


Basic principles

Corporate governance policies are the subject of our most special attention. Thanks to this, we can adequately manage the risks implicit in our sector and reinforce our vocation for customer service.

Our policies are based on three fundamental pillars:

Security: because our asset management policy is based on prudence and efficiency. These values are present with equal intensity both in the management of our clients' assets and in that of our own. Our strict management and internal control systems guarantee efficient management of the assets entrusted to us and reinforce the principles of prudence established by our internal policies.

Trust: because transparency guides all our actions. And our employees and shareholders are guided by the highest standards, based on personal and professional integrity. We fulfill all our institutional commitments and respond to the expectations placed on us.

Commitment: because our vocation is to guarantee the achievement of the entity's strategic objectives, safeguarding the interests of our clients, shareholders, staff and community.

The need to offer our clients increasingly specialized services has led to FIMED's activity being deployed in different areas that are responsible for developing specific services and products. This increasingly diversified offering from FIMED includes international investment fund management, real estate asset management, investment capture and structuring, and corporate services for companies.

Discover a group in constant growth and with an international presence that maintains the same commitment and the same values that have always characterized FIMED's management.

FIMED Group - Switzerland

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FIMED is a registered trademark in the European Union and Switzerland.

FIMED® Group

The financial statements of the different companies are available to anyone who has a legitimate interest in them.


You can contact us to request them.

Financial Audits

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