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About FIMED®

Our team has had a successful history of investing in Alternative and Private Markets since 2011.

FIMED® Group - Zuger Partners AG is a private Swiss financial holding owned by Mr.Jaume Torres and Ms. Marta Areny. The group was established in 2011 and manages a diversified portfolio of companies within a variety of industries including offshore, financial services, deep technology, fine art, crypto, consulting services, alternative investment and real estate. The FIMED Group's investment portfolio is managed from Walchwil, Zug, in the Swiss Crypto Valley and focuses primarily on investments in Europe.

The company's primary objective is to create value through active ownership based on influential ownership stakes, board representation and a strong focus on operational and strategic activities. The investment mandate is pragmatic and opportunistic and there is a lot of flexibility with respect to sector, geography, investment size and holding period. FIMED Group's portfolio companies range from start-ups to mature companies, with the goal of creating a balance between cash flow generating investments and early stage investments with high potential.

FIMED Group has an experienced team and strong owners. The soul of a small business provides quick decision making capable of capturing short windows of opportunity. Over the years, FIMED Group has built a proven track record of successful investments that have produced significant returns. This, combined with a long-term commitment and a pragmatic approach, has made FIMED Group an attractive partner time and time again.

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Swiss Headquarters

FIMED® Group - Zuger Partners AG

Vorderbergstrasse 26

CH6318 Walchwil - Zug


+41 (0) 41  758 28 55

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