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FIMED Companies


Alternative investments


Corporate Services


We are rebranding the business of Zuger Partners AG and entering a new era while maintaining the values that have allowed us to grow all this time.


FIMED is a group of companies highly specialized in alternative investment management and in the search for alternative corporate services & financial solutions for small and medium-sized companies.

It currently has three verticals:

  1. Management of the alternative investment fund FIMED Capital for loans with tangible assets underlying and corporate financing at the service of its small and mid-cap clients.

  2. Specialized Corporate Services for the new economy.

  3. Direct investment in promising companies.

You can access our companies & Investees in the following links.

Finding Inspiration at Every Turn. 

Core Values


FIMED prides itself on the strength of its people – a deep pool of qualified individuals with expertise across the financial services spectrum and experience in delivering dynamic solutions that address the increasing complexity of investments and transactions.


In an industry that is experiencing significant disruption as a result of ongoing consolidation our independent ownership model affords greater operational stability and encourages an entrepreneurial approach to developing tailored products and services. 


Having been at the forefront of the industry and having played an active role in its evolution, FIMED recognizes the importance of information and insight in today’s environment and has prioritized the delivery of unique, customizable and cutting edge solutions.

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